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Choosing Transformer Oil Container

transformer oil container

Sample containers are used to retrieve ad store samples. It’is important for them to prevent contamination and to proide the best sample for a spesific test. Sample should have the following characteristics :
Be large enough to hold the volume of liquid necessary for analysis.Not impart any contamination (chemicals or paarticles) to the sample from the container it self.Seal the sample from external contamination.Prevent the loss or gain of gases or water.The volume of the sample is of theutmost importance, as various tests require very different sample volumes.

Which Sample Container to Use ?

For general oil quality test, glass bottles either amber orclear function well. Amber bottles provide protection against photodegradationwhile clear bottls enable visual inspection of the sample. Metal cans made oftin, aluminum, and stainless steel have become popular because they are moreresistant to breakage tha glass bottles. The use of plastic bottles has grownsignificantly in the past decade. They resist breakage and shield the samplefrom direct sunlight but ot all plastics are compatible with oil so selection ofthe construction material is important, and containers made of substances suchas polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and especially polystyrene are ntappropriate. The most appropriate container for taking samples for dissolvedgas in oil (DGA) and water content analysis, and the easiest to manipulate, isthe ground glass syringe whose barrel and plunger have extremely tighttolerance. Care should be taken with glass syringe to ensure the stopcock istght and in the closed osition once the sample is taken. Also the samplescollected in syringes must be quickly protected from photodegradation byimmediately placing them in the dark or in their shielding containers.Stainless Steel cylinder may also be used but can be more difficult tomanipulate or to deermne when all the air has been remved from the cylinder.Metal cylinder will also add significant shipping costs because of weight butare definitely more durable in transit.

PT. Petrolab Services’s customer may borrow the transformer oil container we provide, the clear glass bottle container for oil quality testand the glass syringe for the DGA test for free. Please feel free to contact our sales or marketing team for those purposes.

Source :
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