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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance


Quality Policy and Objectives of PETROLAB Services, PT

PETROLAB SERVICES is an independent laboratory in issuing professional objetive test results, and calibration result as well, and comply to the requirements of ISO / IEC 17025: 2005. Our test and calibration result are free from / not affected by any commercial issue, political issue, or anything that may affects the quality of the test results / calibration, and we ensure the implementation of Health, Safety and Environmental policy (K3) in our company is comply to the requirements of PERMEN LH No. 06 Year 2009.

In order to meet the customer satisfaction, our laboratory is always :

  1. Satisfying customer needs by releasing the objective and accurate results of test result and calibration as well, in the time frame which is agreed (fulfill customer demand);
  2. Ensuring the confidentiality of the results and customer proprietary rights;
  3. Refrain from involvement in any activities that would affect / degrade the quality of test and calibration results and always to keep and to maintain customer trust;
  4. Having competent personnel, skilled, trained and certified;
  5. Implement our best quality control system and review it periodically;
  6. Using the valid method of testing and calibration as well;
  7. Try to implement the latest update of test method and calibration technology.

All personnel in PETROLAB Laboratory are having responsibility and active role in achieving company goal, and creating customer satisfaction by implementing all of company policies and procedures as well, as part of company quality control system. This Quality Assurance Policy is reviewed in periodical basis, which will refer to management review meeting result, the level of our customer satisfaction survey result, and all of the notes of the previous year.

Jakarta, 15 April 2013
General Manager PETROLAB Services

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