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Condition Based Monitoring

Reliability is no doubt an important key in modern maintenance management system. One of methods to improve reliability is the implementation of Condition Based Monitoring (CBM). This method is more comprehensive and cost effective concepts. The concept is based on the belief that if equipment can be evaluated and yet still remain in service, the overall cost of maintenance will go down.

Beside reducing the level time based maintenance, CBM will catch ill conditioned components before they break and cause unplanned outages. By implementing CBM we can measure the health of the machinery and its performance. PETROLAB Services has qualified and experienced resources to manage CBM works : vibration monitoring, Oil Condition Monitoring (OCM) Program, Thermography and Reciprocating Engine Analysis.

Vibration Monitoring and Analysis

Through vibration analysis, some typical machinery problem can be predicted such as unbalance, misalignment, bearing problems, mechanical looseness etc. We provide services :

  • Review, audit and assessment for existing condition monitoring program.
  • Design and setup condition monitoring program including examination about CBM planning & scheduling, setup procedure & system development.
  • Analyze vibration machinery problems.
  • Training and consultancy.

Oil Condition Monitoring ( OCM ) Program

Some advantages of OCM are : early detection of failure at engine components, data trending for comprehensive interpretation, planning and scheduling for maintenance task. By detection of impending failures, we managed to avoid production losses as well as reducing the direct and indirect costs of unplanned downtime.

In long term ahead, we should achieve equipment’s life extend, optimization of oil change interval, efficient maintenance management. An effective OCM Program will also identify “cost avoidance” actions required to reduce future costs, such as replacing parts before they fail and damage other parts.

Reciprocating Engine Analysis

The aims of reciprocating engine analysis is to get the comprehensive data about machinery performance, actual mechanical condition of engine, and also derating mechanism (if any), as a reliable reference to define proper preventive maintenance (PM) task & interval, corrective works and also improvement based on cost effective approach.

Asset Integrity Management System ( AIMS )

Asset Integrity Management System (AIMS) is described as the continous assessment process applied throghout design, construction, installation and operations to assure the facilities remain to be fit for purpose. AIMS enable inspection (integrity assessment), maintenance plan and other resources to be optimized and reduce downtime. Benares Solusi Indonesia has key person and team which experienced significantly in Reliability and Integrity Projects at oil and gas companies, power plants and other industries.

  • Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) Study & Implementation.
  • Risk Based Inspection (RBI) Study & Implementation.
  • Fitness for Service.
  • Root Cause Failure Analysis.
  • Asset Integrity Software Development.
  • Sparepart & Inventory Management.
  • Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS).

Transformer Maintenance Management

  • Preventive Maintenance (PM) for Transformer.
  • Transformer Condition Monitoring / Oil Analysis
  • Performance Test and Diagnostics
  • Transformer Oil Purification and Regeneration Services
  • Transformer Health and Reliability Monitoring (THERMO) System

Energy Audit

  • Power Quality Measurement.
  • Building Performance and Energy Simulation
  • Power Plant Efficiency Analysis and Performance Test

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