Management of PT Petrolab Services, supported by all employees, is comitted to :

  1. Achieve Zero Accident ,
  2. Prevent Pollution by protecting and managing the environment,
  3. Comply with the rules and regulations on health, safety and environment , as well as other applicable regulations
  4. Contine to Improve
  5. Ensure that the HSE Organization’s Goals, objectives, and programs are achieved
  6. Avoid Alcohol, Drugs, and Narcotics Abuse

The above commitment will be performed gradually, in accordance with the company’s ability.

This policy is open for public and can be  accessed by all employees, contractors and other relevant parties (stake holders).

Management of PT Petrolab Services will review this HSE Policy once a year and ensure that this policy is in line with the company’s operational scale, bussiness growth as well as technology.


Jakarta, October 19, 2017

Budhi Baskoro Adhi

Deputy General Manager