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Globecore CMM 10.0

High vacuum degasifier systems serve for degassing, dehydration and filtration of transformer oils for removal of gases, free and soluble water and particulate matter. The system is applied while installation, repair and operating of oil-filled high voltage equipment up to 1150 kV (power transformers, high-voltage switches etc.).
On-Site Transformer Oil Purification is the most profitable as not only does it purify the oil within the transformer, but it actively regenerates the Transformer by removing impurities which buildup within the transformer.

Product Category : Electrical Transformer Oil Purification System
Brand : Globecore – Oil Purifier System
Model : CMM 10.0
Technology : Spray Vacuum Dehydration System
Heater : up to 150 kW
Capacity for Oil degassing, drying and filtration mode : 10,000 L/H
Capacity for Oil heating and filtration mode : 30,000 L/H

Download GLOBECORE CMM 10.0 Brochure here