Transformer Lab

OQIN (Oil Quality Index Number) (WP 222)

these number will shown to us, when we need to replace or reclaime oil of the transformer.

Breakdown Voltage (IEC 60156/AS 1767.1)

this test measures the suitability of oil to withstand electrical stress. High level of dissolved matter and solid particles in the oil will reduce the breakdown voltage of the oil.

Interfacial Tension (ISO 6295)

this test measures the interfacial forces acting between a layer of oil and water. These intermolecular forces are affected by the ageing of the oil. The test result indicates the degree of oxidation and deterioration of oil and possible sludging. These contaminants affect the oil in its ability to perform the functions of cooling, insulating, […]

Neutralization / Total Acidity (IEC 60296)

this test measures the concentration of acidic constituents or contaminants in the oil. In conjunction with other test, the result will determine when the oil should be reclaimed or replaced.

Moisture or Water Content (IEC 60814)

in the oil, which contaminates the oil from an external source such as humidity and free water or internal source where water is produced from the deterioration of cellulose insulation paper. Dissolved water content may affect the electrical properties of the oil and accelerate the chemical deterioration of insulation paper.