Our Company

Established in 2002, PETROLAB Services is a fast growing analytical laboratory with clients in various industrial sectors including energy, manufacturing, oil, mining, transportation and lube-oil blending plants. We are supported by a team of dedicated expertise with years of experience both in the lab and on the field. We are highly competent, professional and backed with exceptionally reliable Laboratory Information System and comprehensive database. We are also the first Used Oil and Fuel Analysis Commercial Laboratory accredited by KAN (National Accreditation Body of Indonesia, LP-522-IDN) and our recently acquired Laboratory Quality System Standard (ISO 17025 : 2005) together with the Calibration Laboratory Standard (LK-147-IDN) are just a few examples of our commitment in our trade.

PETROLAB Services along with UNITED TRACTORS has an intensive and synergic partnership in the Progressive Oil Monitoring Program or the e-Pomec. Throughout the years we have assisted various mining contractors with their heavy equipment by building laboratories in Jakarta, Balikpapan and Tanjung, meeting all kinds of requirements and providing lower lead time for our valued clients.

SERVICE EXCELLENCE is our keyword, a commitment that has been firmly carved in the heart of each of our employee. It is shown through our Plus Service attitude, a distinguishable feature that we take pride on and set us apart from our contenders. We based it upon our passion, professionalism, experience and genuine willingness to listen to our clients needs, building a foundation of trust from day one. At Petrolab Services, we always try to push ourselves to provide better, to serve you better and continuously seeking rooms for improvement. This is our promise to you, one that has been acknowledged by both the national and international world.