Environmental and Industrial Hygiene Division provide laboratory analysis specialized in samples from environmental, work environment (industrial hygiene) including biomonitoring. The main purpose of implementing monitoring is to ensure the quality of the environment, work environment (industrial hygiene) including biomonitoring results still meet the requirements.


Environmental monitoring focuses on the impact of the environment which includes air, water and land. Common environmental analysis packages that we can provide includes :

  • Ambient Air Quality
  • Emission Air Quality (Stationary Emission Sources and Vehicle Emission Sources)
  • Odor Monitoring
  • Waste Water, Surface Water and Sea Water
  • Waste Characteristics Analysis (TCLP)
  • Making Documents of Environmental Impact Assessment (AMDAL), Environmental Management Effort / Environmental Monitoring Effort (UKL / UPL) and Environmental Management Plan / Environmental Monitoring Plan (RKL / RPL)

WORK ENVIRONMENT (Industrial Hygiene) Monitoring

Work Environment (Industrial Hygiene) Monitoring including Biomonitoring focuses on the impact of the health of workers. Common work environment (industrial hygiene) including biomonitoring parameters that we can provide includes :

  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Inhalable dan Respirable Dust
  • Total Bacteria and Fungi (Mold) in Air
  • Asbestos
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
  • Noise (Area and Personal)
  • Illumination
  • Heat Stress (Area and Personal)
  • Hand Arm and Whole Body Vibration
  • Non-Ionizing Radiation (Electromagnetic Field, UV)
  • Ionizing Radiation (Alpha, Beta, Gamma)
  • Ergonomy and Psychosocial
  • Heavy Metals and Organic Compounds in Blood and Urine
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