What is Calibration ?

That is comparisons process linking, direct or indirectly, of measuring instruments with the standard instruments and traceable to the SI units by means of an unbroken chain.

What are Benefits of Calibration ?

  1. Maintaining the accuracy of equipment,

  2. Assuring the quality of measuring instruments that measuring results are valid,

  3. Assuring the quality of the product,

  4. To fulfill the requirements of the accreditation body.


Incubator, Hotplate, COD Reaktor, Refrigerator, Furnance, Waterbath/Oilbath, Oven, Thermometer.

Analytical Balance, Set Weight & Single Weight.

Pressure Gauge.

Volumetric Glassware, Volumetric Measures, Micropipet, Picnometer.

Outside Micrometer, Thickness Gauge, Blending Mill.


Autoclave, pH-Meter, Conductivity Meter.

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