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Furan Analysis (IEC 61198 Modified)

As the cellulose insulation breaks down, one of the by-products which dissolves in the oil are Furans. We look at the five distinct furans 2-furfural (2FAL), 2-furfurylalcohol (2FOL), 2-acetyl furan (2ACF), 5-methyl-2-furfural (2MEF) and 5-hydroxymethyl-2-furfural (2HMF). Together with Dissolved Gas Analysis this analysis gives a very good guide to cellulose Insulation Degradation, which will tell […]

Kondisi Pelumasan

Oleh: Sanusi Wiradimaja Gesekan Gesekan adalah gaya yang menahan gerakan antara dua permukaan yang saling bergerak relative, besarnya gaya gesek bergantung pada suatu koefisien yang dikenal dengan koefisien gesekan. Bergantung pada peristiwa atau kejadiannya, gesekan bisa menjadi sesuatu yang dibutuhkan atau malah harus dihindari. Permukaan ban yang berjalan di aspal atau seseorang bersepatu yang berjalan […]

Dielectric Dissipation Factor and Resistivity @ 90 ºC (IEC 60247)

These tests measure the leakage current through oil. This is a measure of the degree of deterioration or contamination of that oil by soluble polar products and/or ageing products/colloids (resulting from oxidation of the oil it self or from the solution in the oil of external contaminants or materials used in the construction of the […]

Video Teknik Pengambilan Sampling

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Color and Appearance (IEC 60296)

This test method covers the visual determination of the color and appearance of a wide variety of petroleum products.Color and Appearance shall be evaluated by examining a representative sample of the oil in transmitted light under a thickness of approximately 10 cm and at ambient temperature. The result indicated the sediment by visual.