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Dielectric Dissipation Factor and Resistivity @ 90 ºC (IEC 60247)

These tests measure the leakage current through oil. This is a measure of the degree of deterioration or contamination of that oil by soluble polar products and/or ageing products/colloids (resulting from oxidation of the oil it self or from the solution in the oil of external contaminants or materials used in the construction of the […]

Video Teknik Pengambilan Sampling

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Color and Appearance (IEC 60296)

This test method covers the visual determination of the color and appearance of a wide variety of petroleum products.Color and Appearance shall be evaluated by examining a representative sample of the oil in transmitted light under a thickness of approximately 10 cm and at ambient temperature. The result indicated the sediment by visual.

Sediment and Sludge (ASTM D 473)

Sediment is any substance which is insoluble after dilution of the oil with organic solvent (n-heptane). Precipitable sludge is oil deterioration products or contaminants. Sediment and sludge are insoluble after dilution of the oil with organic solvent (n-heptane) under prescribed conditions. Both sediment and sludge insoluble in the solvent mixture (alcohol, toluene and acetone)

Oxidation Stability

The oil to be tested, through which a stream of oxygen is bubbled, is maintained for a carefully measured period at a temperature of 100 degree C in the presence of metallic cooper. The degree of oxidation is estimated by determining the amount of sludge and the neutralization value.